Customization Packs and Pricing

Are you looking for some customization work on our existing slider plugins on SliderVilla? Do you want us to create a new slider for you? Our development and customization team is ready to work with you on new requirements and customization work.

We have created different packages for customization and a new custom slider. Under customization work MOD Pack, we make changes in our slider’s core files depending on your requirement and send the updated slider .zip file to you. Customization requirements could be like to add a new field in slider data, change in layout which is not possible from setting page, add new slide effect or transition effect, to fetch extra meta information or custom field data in slides etc.

With ‘Custom New Slider‘ pack, you can order us to create a slider as per the design sent by you. After receiving your order for new slider, our development team sends the probable delivery time.

Basic Installation
Install/activate SliderVilla sliders
Settings page customization
Add/remove slides
Create demo like sliders
Add multiple sliders
Create multiple settings set
MOD Pack
Modify sliders from SliderVilla
Core files changes
Core functionality changes
Add new fields on settings page
2 requests changes per MOD
1 year support for custom work
New Custom Slider
Develop new slider* on request
Create dedicated settings page
Install/Activate slider
Set field values on request
Create 1 demo on client's site
Premium Support Forum access
Lifetime support for the slider

*Once we deliver the new slider to you, we will be free to distribute the similar slider on after 20 days of the delivery. To order an exclusive license of the slider which will never appear on SliderVilla portal, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after purchasing a MOD Work package?

The MOD work package is for those want a customized version of any SliderVilla slider plugin. For example, you need an extra field in our Pointelle Slider, you can order the same by purchasing a MOD work pack. Once you purchase the pack, our customization team will send an email asking for the requirement details. With one MOD work pack, you can ask for multiple customization in a single slider as well. 

Once we have the requirement details with us, our team of developers starts working on the requirement and the task will be delivered to you before the delivery time sent in our email after receiving the requirement from you side.

Does the MOD pack include slider?

The MOD pack is for modification or customization work on a SliderVilla slider plugin. For any customization, first you need to buy the slider from and then purchase a MOD pack. For example, if you want an additional field in the navigation panel of Pointelle Slider, you need to buy the slider from SliderVilla and after that purchase 1 MOD pack from here.

Do you provide fixes for custom work after new WordPress version release?

Yes, we provide 1 year full support for the custom work that we did under MOD pack and for a new Custom Slider, we provide lifetime support including bug fixes and help.

Do I get premium support forum access for new custom slider order?

Yes. Once you order a new Custom Slider pack, our server automatically sends access details via email for our premium support forum. This support forum is having dedicated support ninjas (experts) of sliders and WordPress in general. The service level agreement for our support forum is just 12 hours which means you can expect a reply within few hours  (sometime in just few minutes) from us.

What comes under Basic Installation Free package?

When you purchase a slider plugin from SliderVilla, it is our duty to setup and implement the slider on your site. Depending on the license that you purchased, we help you install/activate and customize the slider from its dedicated settings page. We have provided so many options including few advance options to customize the slider from settings page without writing any PHP/HTML or CSS. The basic customization pack includes installation, basic settings customization from settings page, early CSS or JS conflict (if any) removal with installed theme (depends on the kind of conflict) to make you happy with the product. We may need a temporary access of your WordPress dashboard to complete this activity. 

How much it takes to create a new custom slider?

The delivery time depends on the new slider requirement and design. On average, if the design (wire-frame) is ready with you and we received the requirement details, it takes around 7 days to deliver the final slider.

Do you send the PSD file of design elements at the time of delivery?

Yes, we send the PSD file of the icons or CSS images used in the slider. It does not include the slide images used for demo purposes.

I want customization of 2 slider plugins from SliderVilla. Do I need to buy 2 MOD packages?

Yes. One MOD package is for modification or customization in single SV slider plugin. If you want customization work on multiple slider plugins, you need to buy multiple MOD packs for that.

I have multiple slider license of Roster. How many MOD packs do I need to buy to get the customization?

You just need to buy 1 MOD package to get the customization work done. One MOD pack works for single, multiple or unlimited license packs of one slider plugins.