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Slider is working properly on settings preview, but not sliding on front-end. Why?
As the slider is sliding on the the settings page on dashboard, it means that is not having any issue. When it comes to front-end where you embedded the slider, there may be some conflict because of installed theme or plugins. The most common issues as below,

1. Multiple instances of jquery.js loading.

Solution – Remove all other instances of jquery.js and load only the full version of it from wp-includes folder. Sometimes the slider may face issues because of jquery.js loading from Google API.

2. Theme of plugin using $ instead of jQuery

Solution – Change the $ sign (if found) in inline JS or in files to jQuery or use jQuery.noConflict() to resolve the conflict.

Why the images are not loading in the slider?
Assuming that there are images in the added posts or slides, there are two scenarios when images may not appear.

1. TimThumb permission issue – Some of the slider plugins use TimThumb image cropping feature. It creates smaller size cropped images of the slide images to make it look good. In that process, it saves those images to a cache folder on server. If that folder is not having write permission i.e. file status 777, in that case the images will not appear. Change the file permmision for the folder /wp-content/plugins/pointelle-slider/includes/cache/ to 777. (This is an example for Pointelle Slider, you may chnage the name as per the slider in use)

2. Image Pick Preference option disabled – On slider’s settings page ==> Slide Content tab ==> Thumbnail image section, we have provided an option to choose the source of the image to load from. It is like a preference table or sequence to choose the source of the image. In case all the checkboxes or the checkbox of the source where image is available is not active, the image will not load. For example, if the checkbox corresponding to the ‘featured image’ is not checked, the slider will not load images from featured image part of the added post. To be safe side, check all four boxes in that field.

I need some customization on purchased slider plugin. What to do?
We do the basic installation and settings page setup of the our slider for free. But if you want some added extra features, effects or field in our existing slider plugins or a new slider as per your requirement or design, here is how you can purchase a modification work or order a new slider. Our expert development will reply within 24 hours asking for the details of your requirement and deliver the product as soon as possible.
How to update the slider plugin to its new version?
Once we release a new version, you get notification on Plugins dashboard. If the license key is added, you can update the plugin using auto update feature of WordPress or you can also manually update the plugin.

1. Download the .zip file of latest version of the slider plugin or add-on from ‘Download Area’ using SliderVilla membership access details. You can also download the file using the download link available in the receipt email that you received after purchase.

2. Unzip and upload the slider folder to wp-content/plugins folder on hosting server using FTP client e.g. FileZilla

3. Deactivate and activate the slider plugins from dashboard